My story- Entrepreneur’s life and crossroad – Motivational speak- Mr. Ajay Data, CEO, Data Infosys
Story Telling


Dr. Ajay Data, the CEO of Data Ingenious Global Limited, honored the MBA 1st year students with his presence on 19th September, 2019. Dr. Ajay is the person responsible for the introduction of internet in Jaipur back in 1999 as he proudly told students. He told the students about his journey coming from a Hindi medium school to now being the first Indian in last 17 years to be appointed for NSO council.
This session was an absolute delight for budding entrepreneurs as he mentioned some key points to remember when you start an endeavour:
1. It does not matter where you start from…it is where you aspire to reach.
2. The value of things lies in your own hands.
3. Break the barriers and be unique.
4. Be able to take risks.
5. Don’t get disheartened by failure, don’t give up.
He believes in a quote as he told us “too much of analysis is paralysis”!!
• Dr. Ajay interested the students with stories and examples of Michael Jordan, the basketball player and his childhood story, the example of Uber taxi service, Oyo rooms, Paytm and lastly his own self with a fruitful 40 years of journey.
• Data is arguably the creator of world's first linguistic email address mobile app and email solution for Internationalized Domain names domains as only 20% of the world’s population speaks English.
• He informed everyone about an upcoming project by the government in 2020, where every page on the internet will be translated to 22 other languages. Classic example of opportunity recognition.
With concluding words, sir gave the example of an incident, where he went to a statue maker who had built an 80 feet statue of lord Hanuman and was building one more of the same size. Sir asked him why is he building another…., he answered that there is a small crack below the nose of the statue. Mr. Data said that it is not even visible…no one will know about it. The response was “I know about it.”
“Don’t cheat yourself; the mirror is your competition”