About Us

IISU Incubation Centre is a registered Company under section 8 of Companies act 2013since September 2020. IISU Incubation Centre offers following incubation services to the
incubate start- ups:
a)   Mentorship
b)   Co- working space
c)    laboratory support for product development through Food and Nutrition Lab, Jewellery Designing Lab, Textile and Fashion Lab, Chemistry lab, Fine Arts Lab and Computer Labs.
The University provides necessary working space and financial support to the Incubation centre to support and nurture the startups. The centre organizes several pre incubation activities which includes interface withentrepreneurs, workshops on ideation & B Plan development, Competitions to promote entrepreneurship amongst the students at IISU as well as the outsiders. It also renders Incubation support to the budding entrepreneurs, as of now 22 student ideas are registered with the Centre. Apart from developing an environment internally, in the first year of inception the centre has been able to gather the support from Central Govt., State Govt , Private Entrepreneurship Associations, Industry and Alumnae for the support of entrepreneurship.