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Name: Masha Afreen 
Course: MA.FD (Sem-3) 
Batch: 2020-2022 
Name of the venture: ‘MASHA' 
MASHA is an entity with culture, character and personality. It showcases the garments by using
the block printing technique that has been passed down through generations. The goal of
Masha is to be recognized as a champion of the people, where communities can be inspired
through the brand’s creativity. MASHA provides an honest connection and empowerment to all
by creating confidence in the individual wearing a design crafted by the brand.
Name: Krati Modi
  • Programme: B.SC Fashion design
  • Batch: 2020-2023
  • Name of the venture: MAGNIFICENT THREADS
About the venture: Magnificent threads is simply designed for sustainable clothing.
It is basically reusing the old garments and transforming them into something
better than original. We will provide a better stitching of your clothes at affordable
“We design for your comfort; we design fir your styling.”

Name - Anjali Daga

· Programme- BBA

· Batch – 2021-2022

· Name of the venture -  Macrastic

· About Venture:

Our macramé products are made of pure cotton thread. The products are sustainable and eco-

friendly which does not cause any harm to environment and human. We provide fashion

accessories and home decor products.

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  • Name: Kritika Sharma, Kilki Pareek
  • Programme: B.sc
  • Batch: 2018-21
  • Name of the Venture: Wicky Bear
  • About Venture:

Launching unique and aesthetic range of homemade scented candles, with theme based feature, and also coming up with some new refreshing aromas.

  • Name: Saloni Gupta
  • Programme: B.sc-FD
  • Batch: 2020-23
  • Name of the venture : SANWALISAKHI
  • About Venture:

Our purpose at Sanwali Sakhi is to empower women to lead elegant and full lives. We believe that if you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good you can do good for others around you. Sanwali Sakhi brings you a wide range of trendy clothes, beautiful scarves, and statement-making traditional dresses, all at affordable prices to make them accessible to you. Beautiful dresses on rent.



  • Name: Kiran Sharma
  • Programme: MBA-IEV
  • Batch: 2020-22
  • Name of the Venture: SHANE
  • About Venture:

A sole Proprietorship firm, It provide both shopping facilities (Online and Offline), it will provide ready-to-wear Specialized designed casual and contemporary apparel for ex- Dresses, suits, kurties with customized combinations as per the requirement of the customer.



  • Name- Seema
  • Programme- MBA-IEV
  • Year- Batch 2020-22
  • Name of the Venture- Ruzin
  • About Venture:

Ruzim is a handicrafts company where we will sell different popular handicrafts of Rajasthan in International market, we will also provide customization in it according to the need of the customers.


  • Name: Monali Bachhawat
  • Programme: BBA
  • Batch: 2019-22
  • Name of the Venture: Trackbit
  • About Venture:

The idea of Trackbit is developed by two batchmates Monali Bachhawat and Tanisha Jain. The idea is to build a streak based app that helps you to build consistency in a fun way, whether you want to train for meditation,read a book a year or exercise daily, libra will help you out. This app will definitely get you to jump in and work together to succeed each day. I would like to thanks IISU Incubation for providing us this opportunities and helping us throughout this journey.


  • Name: Anshika Jain, Kanika Dhamani, Monika Kumawat, Riya Jain
  • Programme: B.Sc. (H) Multimedia & Animation
  • Batch: 2019-2022
  • Name of the Venture: Cathon Gamers
  • About Venture:

It is a 3D game based on Post-Independence battles fought by the “INDIAN ARMY”. The game is a multiplayer game for desktop and android devices.


  • Name: Urmil Jeswani
  • Programme: MBA-IB
  • Batch: 2018-20
  • Name of the Venture: Chocoholicz
  • About Venture:

Chocoholicz is a home-based business start-up manufacturing cakes, cupcakes pastries & chocolates on order.  We provide freshly baked cakes, cupcakes, pastries and chocolates on order with pure home based ingredients, maintaining all hygiene levels, customisable as per your preferences, low level of artificial colours and maintaining nutrition level. Tasting samples are provided with the product.



  • Name: Riya Bansal
  • Programme: BBA
  • Batch: 2016-19
  • Name of the Venture: NHX
  • About Venture:

NHX is serving signature dishes of home chefs from their own kitchen to the plates of customers, It is an E-commerce platform connecting home chefs and foodies.



  • Name - Sana Bano
  • Programme- MBA-IB
  • Batch - 2018-20
  • Name of the venture - Buttery bakery
  • About Venture:

Buttery Bakery is a home-grown bakery. We sell high end baked goods to customers. We sell cookies, cupcakes, cake jar, coffee, freshly baked bread loaf and many more product will include in future. Basically we want to give the best quality and taste in affordable price. The best part is everything is baked freshly on order and we are maintaining all the hygiene and safety level so our customer enjoy the great taste and make their every eating experience so satisfying. We will work on each and every aspect to reach the customer expectation.




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  • Name: Akshi jain, Astha Drolia, Fozia kagzi, Ritu raj, Shreya Agarwal
  • Programme: BBA
  • Batch: 2020-23
  • Name of the Venture: India-Genous
  • About Venture:

India-Genous is a board game which helps children to learn while they play. It educates them about our country in fun and interesting ways. The box of the board game is also very unique as one can grow seed out of it.