Business Planathon

Business Planathon
Coordinator: Dr. Roopam Kothari and Dr. Varsha Choudhary
Date: 08.01.2020
The IIC Cell of the IIS University, Jaipur encourages students from different academic disciplines to work together to develop new business ideas and create a business plan for those ideas.
In order to encourage participation and performance among management students Business Plan Competition was held by the IIS University on 8th January 2020 in Cosmos 2020 (University Cultural Fest), which is organized every year by the University to encourage your Entrepreneurs. Two judges were invited to provide participants an insight view of entrepreneurship and also to draw on their expertise to fairly and reasonably assess the team's efforts in the various components of the competition; Dr. Poonam Madan and Ms. Anshu.
The IIC cell Business Plan Competition seeks to teach students at all college and university levels the importance of developing high quality business ideas and plans. The competition also seeks to provide them Knowledge of various resources, which further help them in making good business strategies.