Celebration of International Year of Periodic table

Celebration of International Year of Periodic table

Date: 4-5, October, 2019

The IISU Chemical Association of IIS (deemed to be university), Jaipur, celebrated International Year of Periodic Table (IYPT) 2019 - “Know your Elements” on the 4-5 October 2019 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Mendeleev`s Periodic Table of Elements, one of the most significant and influential achievements of Science.

As part of the celebrations, a Chemistry Olympiad based on the Periodic Table for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Science in different educational institutions of Rajasthan was organised in the first phase. More than 1500 students actively took the Olympiad Quiz. The top scorers from each institution were awarded on Oct 4 2019 in the inaugural ceremony of IYPT 2019.

The event was spread over two days, 4th and 5th October.

Day 1
The demo cum guest lecture began with an invocation to LordessSaraswati succeeded by lamp lightning by our distinguished guests. The lecture was delivered by Prof. UdayMaitra Professor, Indian Institution of Science, Bangalore.
Further, the opening and welcome regards were given by Dr. Ashok Gupta. He told about the importance of periodic table in our daily life. Prof. R K Bansal briefed about the events going to be held and also he addressed about Prof. UdayMaitra.
The winners of Chemistry Olympiad from each institution were awarded by Dr. Ashok Gupta and Prof. UdayMaitra. Around 57 students (first, second and third position holders from each institutions) from 19 institutions were awarded. The Science magazine, Science Spectrum was released by Dr. Ashok Gupta, Dr. Rakhi Gupta, Prof. UdayMaitra, Dr. ManishaPatni and Dr. SreemoyeeChatterjee.
In the lecture Prof. UdayMaitra highlighted about the various ways to represent a periodic table and performed various magic tricks with chemicals, like reaction of thiocyanate and cyanate with ferric chloride. He discussed the chemistry in human body, animals, mobile phones etc. He performed some experiments like the elephant toothpaste, nucleophilic substitution reaction, photo-luminescence and chemi- luminescence. He also interacted with the students during his lecture and told about the history behind the names of chemical elements. He also motivated students to never give up. At the end he entertained the students by playing a periodic table song.
A vote of thanks was given by Dr. PragyaSinha, Head, Department of Chemistry.
The inaugural ceremony was followed by inter collegiate competitions for the UG and PG students of science from different students. All the activities were based on the periodic table. These three activities were organised on day 1.

• Creations: 3D Models of periodic table
• Poster competition

Topic: “Know Your Elements”.
Total participants- 5
1. Mr. Kapil Sharma, Department of Dramatics, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
2. Dr. ShashiPrabhaTiwari, Professor, Department of Chemistry, IIS (deemed to be University) Jaipur
Various aspects of Chemistry were presented by the students in the SKITs performed. The themes of SKITs presented were based on periodicity and reactivity of elements, s, p, d, f block depicting the importance of f-block elements and chemical bonding of elements like covalent, ionic, and metallic bonding.
The Prizes were given by Mr. Kapil Sharma to the position holders.
Position Institute
First The IIS University, Mansarowar, Jaipur
Second The IIS University, Mansarowar, Jaipur
Third Parishkar international College, Mansarowar, Jaipur

Topic- Prepare your own periodic table
Total participants- Poster Competition-7
3D Model- 8
1. Dr. SudhaKalla, SKIT College, Jaipur
2 Dr. ShwetGoyal, Department of Fine Arts, IIS (deemed to be University) Jaipur.
Topics covered by the students for poster presentation were transition elements, Chemistry of five life elements of Periodic Table and some of the students prepared periodic table on their own way. Several models were prepared on periodic table. The theme of the models prepared by the students were-Halogens, E-waste recycle, mother country of elements with importance, Periodic Board game, use of waste material to improve your knowledge, Periodic Table on the basis of blocks.
The Prizes were given by DrSudhaKalla to the position holders.
Poster competition
Position Institute
First Kanoria PG College, Jaipur
Second IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur
Third Kanoria PG College, Jaipur
Consolation prize S.S. Jain Subodh Girls College, Sanganer, Jaipur

3 D model
Position Institute
First IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur
Second Agrawal PG College, Jaipur
Third Kanoria PG College, Jaipur
Consolation prize Kanoria PG College, Jaipur

Day 2
The Morning session started with an inspiring lecture by Prof. R K Bansal. He shared some interesting facts about periodic table. He described the discovery of phosphorus and talked about Madam CURIE, who was given noble prize for the discovery of radium. He made the students aware about the extinction of different elements on earth. He showed ‘periodic table’s new version that warns about the elements which are endangered.
He discussed the different properties, special traits and uses of some elements like lithium, yttrium, gallium, oxygen, hydrogen, aluminium, calcium, tin, tungsten, and osmium etc.
Two events Quiz and JAM were organized on second day.
Topic- Periodic Table
Total teams participated- 18
DrRaakhi Gupta briefed about the competition and rules of this quiz followed by an elimination round between 18 teams registered for the quiz competition. Seven teams were selected for the quiz after elimination round. The quiz was divided in different rounds. Quiz masters for different rounds were Dr. Raakhi Gupta, Dr. ManishaPatni and Dr. VarshaGoyal.
The competition was further accompanied with different rounds.
Audience also participated in audience round.
The winners were awarded and certificate were given to them by Dr. Ashok Gupta (Vice chancellor of IIS Deemed to be University) and Dr. Raakhi Gupta (Registrar of IIS Deemed to be University)

Position Institute
First Manipal University, Jaipur
Second University Maharja College, Jaipur
Third JECRC University, Jaipur

Topic- Influence of elements in our daily life/tales from the periodic table
Judges- DrSatpal Singh Badsara, Vice Principal, Maharaja College and Dr. Neelima Gupta, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Rajasthan.
Total teams participated-14
The participants were briefed about the competition and rules of this competition. All the students had to pick three chits and had to choose on topic to speak on. They got one minute to prepare on the elements they have chosen and had to speak for about one minute on it. The students were performed very well.
The Prizes were given by the judges Dr. Satpal Singh and Dr. Neelima Gupta to the position holders.

Position Institute
First IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur
Second IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur
Third S.S. Jain Subodh PG Autonomous College, Jaipur
Consolation prize University Maharani College, Jaipur
Kanoria PG College, Jaipur