Date: 20 April 2020

Time and duration: 11am

Resource Person with affiliation: Mr. Yashraj Bhardwaj, Co- Founder, Zenith Vipers & Partner,
Ensure Equity

Program Theme: Entrepreneurship

Approximate no. of student participants: 3

Objective: To know various ideas for innovation and facilitate the students to become a
entrepreneur and a researcher.

“Our ultimate goal is to win and bring in india, a Noble Prize in research” says Yashraj
The young entrepreneur Yashraj Bhardwaj had an amazing roller coaster life experienced to be shared.
Hailing from Delhi, the twin started their journey as researchers and is currently not just researcher but
also budding entrepreneurs. He shared how when children of 5-6 standard are busy playing with their
mates, he along with his sibling were busy in his entrepreneur skills and trying to come out with their
own ideas. Few mischievous acts of making fake id’s as to contact the professor for their doubts and few
diligent people helped them had made both the brothers great achieve heights in entrepreneurship skills.
They keep the young people in their company without checking their qualification so as to have more
innovative ideas from young brains to have great upheld in their work.

There are people who believe in giving a completely different course to life. Yashraj and Yuvraj
Bhardwaj are a striking example of this. Their first research was the pumpkin water purifier which was
published after two years of hard work in the year 2012. They have worked on 24 projects and filed 7
patents in a team of two. They have been nominated for Padma shiri 2018.
He described how dedication and the willingness to ask questions are the only two things which are
necessary to get started on research and not a degree. He also tells that to challenge the existing mindset
and always look to achieve more and more. The entrepreneur skills which were shared by Mr. Yash is a
booster for all the young brains and a message that age is just a number, if innovative skills are drilled in
your research, your minute method can achieve heights and you can leave your mark anywhere anytime
you want in your life.