Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Importance of Ancient Indian Civilization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

Leadership Talk
Date: 30/05/2020
Time and duration: 1:00 PM, 24 minutes 52 seconds
Resource Person with affiliation: Dr. Nilesh B Oak, Expert, Indian Council & History
Program Theme: Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Importance of Ancient Indian Civilization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship)
Approximate no. of student participants: 50
• To give students, an insight on importance of Ancient Indian civilization.
• To discuss about lessons which youngsters should learn from 24000 years’ of our ancient civilization, which will help them succeed in today’s world.
Benefit in terms of learning/Skill/Knowledge obtained:
• Participants learned about the rich Ancient Indian Civilization and its importance.
• Participants learned about the techniqueswhich youngsters should adopt form Ancient Civilization to get success in today’s current scenario.
• Participants learned about using the framework of Why, How and What.

Overall report of the activity:
Today’s session was started with an introduction of the resource person Dr. nilesh oak who is an chemical engineer and was working in an MNC in USA; got fascinated by Ancient Indian civilization and left his job to study about our rich ancient history; so moving forward with the session Dr. abhay jere asked nilesh sir that why current youngsters should know about ancient culture and how is this relevant to them in current scenario; Sir answered that a successful civilization need a grand narrative; people should be proud of their country, and because of this big powers like USA have achieved a lot in field of innovation and achieved success; Nilesh sir shared that he started his journey of learning Indian history from Mahabharata and after that sir learned from Ramayana, saraswati, astronomy etc. Abhay sir then moving forward asked nilesh sir that how this history helps today’s youngsters in innovation for which sir answered that our Vedas and history tell us that how we should always face problems and take out a way of solving it which today’s entrepreneur should learn and follow; also nilesh sir shared that in our Vedas we can find many stories in which surgery’s and dental surgeries are mentioned; surgery started all over the world after the evidence of a nose surgery came from Pune; but Even today many researcher don’t accept this. Sir also explained about surya sidhanta which is 17500 years old; tell us about measurements or about nakshatra; which is a true example of mathematics. Nilesh sir also shared that Indian ancient society is extremely practical and pragmatic they did not waste their time which is not useful for them; which should be adopted today also for sure success. In the end Nilesh sir shared important facts which today’s generation should adopt from ancient civilization which will help them gain right kind of attitude to pursue entrepreneurship and innovation. One of the most important fact is to celebrate failure; rather than getting worried about being failed, always follow a framework of Why, How and What and always act swiftly.