Interaction with Student Innovators and Entrepreneurs from Smart India Hackathon

Online Session Topic : Interaction with Student Innovators and Entrepreneurs from Smart India Hackathon

Key Speaker : Pulkit Jain - Team Vidyut
Arpit Nandi - Team Quarks & Leptons
Lokesh Goswami - Team SLICK

The live-session on youtube took place on May 22, 2020 at 3pm-4pm which was attended by IIC faculty and students. All the key speakers were the winners of Smart India Hackathon. They shared their experience, journey and achievements of SIH and motivated the attendees to actively participate in such hackathons and go to incubation centers.

Pulkit Jain, winner of SIH, had participated in the Hardware Edition. The team made “Retrofitting Kits” for existing vehicles to convert them into electric vehicles. Their present focus are auto rickshaws. Throughout the journey they learnt “If you are persistent enough, there is always a way out.” He focuses more on “Get out of your comfort zone and keep reinventing because the best way to do something is to do it yourself and the more you fail, more you learn.”

Arpit Nandi, winner of SIH, had participated in Software Edition. The team developed IOT based Air Pollution Monitoring & Surveillance System. He mentioned key points to be kept in mind when working on a project like selecting right team members, breaking down problem statements into smaller pieces and working on one at a time, surveying the market to find the solution in the benefit of the larger community and much more. He emphasizes the use of open-source softwares.

Lokesh Goswami, winner of SIH, had participated in Hardware Edition. The team developed SLICK - technology to make eco-friendly bricks made of plastic and industrial waste. He gave the way to convert your innovation to your business startup in just 3 points. First, identify the idea. Second, find out the technical solution and third, identify your paying customer. He quoted “Great things in Business are never done by person, they are done by the team because Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.”

The overall session was inspiring and provided us with great knowledge to follow our dreams. You must keep expanding your network, you will receive more knowledge and your innovation will be getting better and better.

• To understand idea and it's accumulation
• To understand importance of team work
• Awareness about SIH

• Learn about hackathon idea
• How to frame idea and fabricate into concept
• Students understand different innovative ideas and their journey to transform into business plan
• They also understand importance of team and team work

Date: 22 May 2020
Category: Entrepreneurship