Leadership Talk

Date: 02/05/2020

Time and duration: 11:00 am to 11:30 am (30 min)

Resource Person with affiliation: Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar, Lieutenant General.

Program Theme: Leadership Talk

Objective: To have a motivational talk with Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar and to also know about the various initiatives taken by Indian Army during this time of pandemic.

Benefits in terms of learning/skill/knowledge obtained: The talk session regarding the various programs and the steps undertaken by the Indian Army to meet out such situations of pandemic. The talk was to gain knowledge about the various ways in which this time of lockdown can be used effectively by the youth and the famous MAP given Dr. Madhuri which should be used by youth to drive their careers more efficiently.

Overall report of the activity: The Leadership Talk with Dr. Abhay Jere and Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar was held on 02 nd May 2020 from 11am was very informative and motivating. As we know that Dr. Madhuri is the third woman in the Indian Armed Forces to be presented with Three Star Rank. As we know the Indian Armed Forces was more male driven and the opportunities were less for the females during earlier times. Dr. Madhuri informed about the various initiatives taken by the Indian Armed Forces for the females. As compared to earlier now much more number of females have started taking up their careers in Indian Armed Forces and in the coming years we will see more woman being presented with these ranks. The one example of the various steps taken for making it more female oriented as told by Dr. Madhuri is that when she joined the Army there was just 2 months of maternity leave which has been increased to 6 months now. Another is the facility of being transferred in the same region as of the partner which was not there earlier. Like these there are many steps taken by Indian Armed Forces to make it more friendly for females. During all these time pf COVID -19 the Indian Army was the first one to step up a quarantine centre in the country for the passengers returning from abroad. Army is playing a major role in all this time and is being very helpful for the government and citizens. As also said and discussed all the doctors of the county who are serving are being saluted for their services. As said well doctors are not just doctors at this time but they are the soldiers in the uniform fighting for the citizens, doctors and teachers for us at the same point of time. Dr. Madhuri also talked about very inspiring incident and stories from her career and also guided that how this time can be used as an opportunity by the youth for shaping their career. The famous MAP which should be followed by all was all also discusses. As said by Dr. Madhuri every youth should not only have a MAP in their hands for their career but thus should b re framed as Mentor Attitude Passion and all these attribute make up a MAP for every youth which will surly lead to the path of success no matter what career path is selected by them. In the end Dr. Madhuri and Dr. Abhay also talked about the various sources and availability of the technology which can help to make best use of this time and can help in shaping the careers. To conclude the talk session Dr. Abhay thanked Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar for such knowledgeable and motivating session.