Leadership talk on examination and academics in current Covid-19 crisis

Date:9thMay 2020

Time and duration: 11:00 am (20minutes)

Resource Person with affiliation:Prof. DP Singh, Chairman, UGC

Program Theme: Leadership talk on examination and academics in current Covid-19 crisis

Objective:To inform students about the decisions of UGC in the current COVID 19 crisis
Benefit in terms of learning/Skill/Knowledge obtained: Learnt about the various changes being made by UGC for UG, PG and PhD students in order to enhance learning and save their time
Overall report of the activity:A leadership talk was conducted by Dr. Abhay Jere, Chief Innovation Officer, MHRD Innovation Cell on Twitter at 11:00 am. Dr. Jere introduced Prof. DP Singh, Chairman, UGCand welcomed him. Prof. Singh discussed the reason behind the new guidelines which was to ease the stress being faced by students and HEI about future prospects in terms of examination, academic calendar, lab work etc. He informed that the guidelines were formulated with the help of experts, vice chancellors and academia in general. The guidelines suggest new options of examination like open book exam, online exam etc. The guidelines have been framed keeping in mind the guidelines of Central government, MHA, state government etc. But the HEI have been made flexible which can be adopted comfortably by the institutions. A suggestive academic calendar has been provided. It states dates of examinations of current batch and new session also. But still he said that complete switch to online exam is not being suggested but only an option looking at the present crisis. Various methods of reaching out to students in remote areas were discussed. Swayampravah reaches out to students for education. Swayam revolution was also discussed. The guidelines are more student friendly and their problems have been addressed. The problem of research scholars has been addressed in the guidelines. The period of submission of their thesis has been extended by six months and online methods of viva have been suggested. He suggested a blended version of teaching learning with some online platforms and some face to face teaching. Training of faculty for the same is suggested. The discussion was enriching and very informative.