Leadership talk on IPR/Innovation/Entrepreneurship/Startup/Other

Date: 17/04/2020

Time and duration: 11:00 am - 25 minutes

Resource Person with affiliation: Sh. Ronnie Screwvala, Chairman Upgrad

Program Theme: IPR/Innovation/Entrepreneurship/Startup/Other - Entrepreneurship

Approximate no. of student participants: 05

Objective: Entrepreneurship ideas and learning from failures.

Benefit in terms of learning/Skill/Knowledge obtained: learning to deal with uncertainties in life and dealing with them. Planning your course of action for entrepreneurial ideas and implementation. Assessing the market for your ideas.

Overall report of the activity: The interaction provided the opportunity to understand how entrepreneurial ideas need to mature over time. Sh. Screwvala insisted that the need to assess the market and find the right opportunity is paramount but most importantly having the fear of failure should not hold anyone back. He impressed upon the fact that entrepreneurship has the ability to create jobs and play a supportive role in building up the economy once the uncertainties of COVID-19 end. Talking about his new venture Upgrad, he mentioned that the sectors which are non-glamorous would reap the most benefits, including the education sector. Sh. Screwvala stressed upon the supportive role of digitization in education in facilitating the exchange of knowledge and learning.