Leadership talk on Relevance and need of National Digital Library in COVID crisis.

Date: 10 April 2020
Time and duration: 11 AM
Resource Person with affiliation: Prof. Partha Chakraborthy Chairman National Digital Library
Program Theme: IPR/Innovation/Entrepreneurship/Startup/Other: Relevance and need of National Digital Library in COVID crisis.
Objective: to assess the need of digital resources and their use in COVID crisis period
Benefit in terms of learning/Skill/Knowledge obtained: NDL is a single platform to provide all the information as books and research papers, is beneficial for students of every stream, students just need to apply relevant filters to access the information of their use.
Overall report of the activity:
An informative talk by Dr. Abay Jere, Chief Innovation officer, ministry of HRD in an online leadership series on 10 april 2020 with Prof. Parth Chakraborthy Pricipal Investigator at National Digital Library and Former Director IIT Kharagpur highlight the key points, uses and inclusions in NDL and the ways it can help in education in this COVID 19 crisis period.
According to Dr. Chakraborthy it was necessary to integrate all the education material. At NDL 45 indexed collections of material are present which covers everything from videos, softwares and stimulations, it is a platform which integrates all the possible ways of knowledge and is no competition with online platform like youtube. Students get to access all the data like research materials, journals, academic topic they simply need to filter according to their requirements. NDL is a Project under MHRD, India whose objective is to collect and collate metadata and provide full text index from national and international digital libraries as well as other relevant sources.