Leadership talk on the role of MYGOV INDIA at the time of COVID 19

Date: 11 th April 2020
Time and duration: 11:00 am (23minutes)
Resource Person with affiliation: Mr. Abhishek Singh, CEO, MYGOV India
Objective: To inform people about a reliable platform for information regarding government policies
Benefit in terms of learning/Skill/Knowledge obtained: Learnt about the various efforts government
is making for the benefit of people and a reliable source of information for the citizens of India
Overall report of the activity: A leadership talk was conducted by Dr. Abhay Jere, Chief Innovation Officer, MHRD Innovation Cell on Twitter at 11:00 am. Dr. Jere introduced Mr. Abhishek Singh and welcomed him. Mr Abhishek told that mygov was started in 2014 and is a bridge between government and citizens. He told that it promotes participative governance as citizens can give their views about policies. He told that mygov is available on different medias like WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter etc and available in different languages. He informed that all policies and important information for the citizens is provided to the citizens through mygov. He emphasized that during this crisis period, mygov is a reliable platform for any information that is verified and authentic. They are supporting the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in communication and awareness by posting advisories related to travel,janta curfew etc. mygov has registered users of 1crore 8 lakhs and has many followers on social media platforms. Rumors regarding COVID-19 are checked from the concerned authorities and correct information is given to the citizens. They have invited suggestions and ideas in order to make things better during COVID-19 and started suggestion challenge. They had started a pledge platform at the time of curfew, which gave the citizens a certificate. These measures were initiated to boost morale of the people and gainfully engage citizens in doing something creative. To help the urban poor and migrants, mygov got locations of shelter homes and feeding places available on google maps so that NGOs or people who are trying to help migrants can b benefitted. He inspired the young generation to participate in COVID-19 volunteer portal being run by mygov. They have also set up donors portal for medical equipments. The discussion was enriching and very informative.