NBA Accreditation of the University

Date: 18/04/2020
Time and duration: 11 Am, 22 minutes 10 seconds
Resource Person with affiliation: Prof. KK Aggarwal, Chairman, National Board of Accreditation.
Program Theme: Other (NBA Accreditation of the University)
Approximate no. of student participants: 25
Objective: To give students, faculty and parents an insight on importance of Accreditation of Universities.
Benefit in terms of learning/Skill/Knowledge obtained:
• Importance of NBA Accreditation of universities
• Learned the difference between NBA accreditation and other agencies accreditation.
• Difference between Doing Courses from Accreditation and non-Accreditation university
• Learned Process of AICET Approval requirements.
• Learned Effects of accreditation on students and faculty.
Overall report of the activity:
It was a Very Informative session for students, faculty and parents with prof. KK Aggarwal, chairman, national board of accreditation. Prof. KK Aggarwal in this session talks about how accreditation is critical & going to make-or-break careers of youngsters.
Dr. Abhay jere started the talk by welcoming sir KK Aggarwal and all the participants; and Dr. Abhay jere started the session by asking a very fundamental question to sir that what is NBA accreditation and why it is important; by answering this sir explained that it is important for maintaining quality in education and also making universities outcome based universities. Moving forward sir also gave insight on the process of getting approval from AICET; Sir also said that accreditation is the only norm in India by which world universities and organizations knows that an Indian Student had a quality education; Sir KK Aggarwal also explained the parameters on which universities get approval for accreditation and also what education level should faculties have in universities which comes under the norms for accreditation ; Sir also gave insight on difference between NBA and NACC accreditation; In the end sir concluded by saying that it is important to mentor institutions to strengthen them towards accreditation; and Dr. Abhay jere closed down on hopeful positive note that soon more than 50% institute in India will apply for the accreditation and our education system could be one of the best in the world.