Post Covid World and Ability of India to Combat

Date: 23th April 2020 (Thursday)
Time and duration: 11:00 am-11:30 am
Resource Person with affiliation: Mr. GautamBambawale
IFS, Indian Diplomat
Ex-India’s Ambassador to China

Program Theme: IPR/Innovation/Entrepreneurship/Startup/Other (Please write the appropriate theme of the talk): Other: Post Covid World and Ability of India to Combat

Objective:To know the scope of India to emerge as a Global leader post covid-19.
Benefit in terms of learning/Skill/Knowledge obtained:We were able to knowthe various areas like political, economical, educational and tourism in which India has opportunities to stand a benefit ona global front post covid.
Overall report of the activity:The talk focuses on the comparison between India, U.S. and China on various aspects like politics, basic philosophy, economics, trade etc. and how India can stand a benefit post covid-19 . In current scenario, since India has a good and a big market not only for export but also for manufacturing, thus lot of business might move to India. Also, critical monitoring of companies/business getting out of China is easy. Thus, relocation of companies in India will be of great benefit. In Post Wuhan Virus World, it is quite possible that many foreign students might come to study in our country. Also, in political spheres, India can provide a global leadership which China is lacking. Moreover, considering our basic philosophy “VasudhevKutumbkam”India has supplied Hydroxychloroquine to US and China which help our country in establishing a strong relations with these countries.