The talk was about silver lining for the industry in covid- 19 crisis.

Date:27th April 2020
Time and duration: 11:00 AM, 30 minutes
Resource Person with affiliation:Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy, Chairman Cyient; andEx-Chairman NASSCOM.
Program Theme: The talk was about silver lining for the industry in covid- 19 crisis.
Approximate no. of student participants:
Objective:The objective of the talk was to motivate students and business leaders to have positive attitude towards the situation and focus on learning new skills.
Benefit in terms of learningobtained:Great learnings about how to deal with this Global pandemic.
Overall report of the activity:It was pleasure to listen to Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy, Chairman Cyientand Ex-Chairman NASSCOM. Sir started by discussing how thispandemic of COVID19 is different from 2008 recession as the currentsituation does not affects a particular group of people but affects thewhole world. He talked about the scope of disruptive technology inthis pandemic. Sir talked about the biggest impact on business inIndia of COVID19 is in unorganized sector and how every industry ishaving demand shrinkage around the world. After sharing a story Sir emphasized on living in the realism, which is challenging but in hopeof great future by having optimism in us. Sir also suggested everyoneto learn a new skill by the end of lockdown. Make good use of timeby using online platform,so that when we come out of lockdown, weshould be able to take a better job than before and enhance our skills.Sir explained how he handled his failures and ended the session bystressing on finding the purpose of one’s life.