Date: 4th February 2020

The Webinar was held on the topic "Machine Learning" by Mr. Suman Debnath who is currently working as Principal Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services (AWS).
The purpose of this webinar was to introduce students with the concept of Machine Learning, its various types, services and utility.
Mr. Suman began with introducing the concept of Machine Learning - what is machine learning and how it works. He explained it's various types (Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning and Reinforcement Learning). He also explained how a machine is trained using datasets which are well labelled and then produces output based on it. The machine is also allowed to work on its own to discover information for unsupervised learning. Then he talked about machine learning with AWS which consists of three components - AI Services, ML Services and ML Framework and Infrastructure. AI services include vision, speech and text. He went on explaining how Amazon makes use of object and scene detection and facial recognition. For this he showed a code for face recognition which took a picture with faces as input and then displayed age range for each face in that picture.
He also threw light upon Amazon Polly which is a service that turns text to lifelike speech. He further told about Amazon Comprehend which is a sentiment analysis service. It examines the input text and determines the dominant sentiment of the text. As an example he typed some text and it was classified in percentage as positive or negative. Later, he provided information about Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth which is a service used for building and managing training datasets. Mr. Suman presented another code in python for translation of input text to specified language in which he gave as input some lines of text and converted them to various languages. At the end of the webinar he displayed a program for analyzing sales of various video games. This analysis helps in predicting hits and failures of movies too. At last, he answered some of the questions followed by a thank you note along with sharing of some useful resource links.
The webinar was highly informational for the students as they gained knowledge about Machine Learning and its various services.